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Server website:

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The PixelmonCore mod is designed exclusively for the PixelmonCore Minecraft server.

It adds over 400 blocks/items to the server, including weapons, ores, terrain, quest items, event items, armour, tools, food and decorations.

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Crafting: Edit

  • Recipes are not included on the Wiki since there are far too many to take images of... The PixelmonCore Server Modpack (link on the Enjin site mentioned above) contains the CraftGuide mod. To use CraftGuide simply press 'G' while hovering you mouse over an item in your inventory. It will show you every recipe that the item is used in and the recipe used to create it. You can also press 'G' while not in your inventory to open up a GUI where you can view all items on the server and a search bar to help you find them.


  • The PixelmonCore mod will have major updates once a month that will include lots of new content. Most updates will have a common theme, such as Pokemon, or simply add a bunch of new ores/blocks/items, etc.

If you have any ideas that you want to be a part of the mod, please tell me and I will add them in. If you create the texture(s) for your idea yourself, you'll be rewarded in-game based on effort.

Current Themed Content:

  • Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Terraria, Fringe, Star Wars, Zelda, Oblivion, Halo

Planned Updates:

  • Harry Potter, more Final Fantasy, more Terraria, Doctor Who
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